If your business is considering a journey toward sustainability with waste reduction a part of that goal, you cannot know how or what to improve without properly understanding the issue.

Reclaim Waste Audit

Our advisors visit businesses and provide insight to how the company’s waste is generated and how it can be reduced.

They do this by looking at the flow of your business and the waste it produces, then advising industry best practice solutions for managing your waste. The most effective way to initiate this understanding is to complete a physical waste audit.

An audit qualifies what waste is generated in sufficient volumes to make it commercially viable to separate for recycling.

As part of the audit process we can also:
  1. Investigate the waste and how it is created
  2. Advise on process changes to eliminate waste before it is created
  3. Offer collection solutions for identified recycling
  4. Advise on the disposal of unavoidable landfill items.
It potentially costs more to send recyclable waste to landfills than to have it collected, sorted and sent to a recycling centre.

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